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The Methodist Peace Fellowship (MPF) is an association of Methodist pacifists within the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR), part of the the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.

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We in the MPF are committed to the way of love and rejection of violence, to reverence for life and respect for every human person as a child of God. We believe that the Church should be God's peace movement, and that we are called to accept, to live in, and to witness to, the Peace of Christ.

MPF was founded in 1933 to inform and unite Methodists who covenanted together "to renounce war and all its works and ways."

For many years now, the MPF has been incorporated in the FoR and accepts its Basis. Anyone who joins the MPF now automatically becomes a member of the FoR.

“Peace in the 21st Century” consists of a series of papers on key themes published by MPF. They can be downloaded from the Publications page, along with recent articles by our President, Inderjit Bhogal.

MPF has limited funding, through the R.J. Barker Fund, enabling us to award bursaries mainly to young people engaged in peace and reconciliation projects, conferences or courses.

For more information, or to join MPF, please contact the Secretary, Bea Foster (Contact details on the final page of the Membership Leaflet, which can be downloaded here).