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February 2021: An Appeal to the Methodist Peace Fellowship

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to seek your support for our new Faith Leaders' Pledge. I do hope you will forgive the intrusion. The Pledge can be downloaded here.

At my suggestion, Yorkshire CND established the Faith Leaders Pledge in order to enable leaders from all faiths to indicate their support for a call to the UK Government to sign and ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We have also developed the Councillor's Pledge for elected members to do the same. The intention of both of these initiatives is to complement the Parliamentary Pledge offered for signature to Members of Parliament by ICAN.

I was first asked to lead on this campaign for Yorkshire CND regionally and, now as a Director of National CND, I am also working to promote this Pledge nationwide to Leaders of all faiths across our country.

You could help me greatly by asking your members who are faith leaders to sign this Pledge. If they wish to do so I would be greatly obliged if they could scan and send an electronic version of their Pledge to me at this email address Ideally if they can also send a photo(s) of themselves signing the Pledge and send this too this would be wonderful. I am working with CND to establish a Pledge webpage on which the support of Faith Leaders with their photos can be featured.

I am happy to make a short presentation on the Pledge to a future virtual meeting or conference of your organisation by arrangement. I am also happy to supply further information for in-house publications. I am also happy to answer any questions via the contact details shown below.

Should you need to do so my bona-fides can be checked with the National Chair of CND, Professor Dave Webb.

Many thanks in anticipation of your support and that of your members. It would be truly wonderful if we enlist the support of Faith Leaders everywhere in the UK to make this a real force to change UK government policy in favour of signing this momentous Treaty.

Stay Safe.

Yours in Peace

Richard Outram,

Coordinator, Faith Leaders' Pledge, Yorkshire CND

Director, National CND

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On January 22nd 2021 we joined worldwide celebrations for the entering into force of the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty which states that nuclear weapons, not only are immoral, but also unlawful according to international law.

At noon on that day peacemakers worldwide rang a bell to celebrate this milestone on the road to a nuclear weapon free world.

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MPF is delighted that its President, Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal, has been appointed Honorary President of the Fellowship of Reconciliation England and Scotland for the period 2020-2023 click here for details.

Dr Bhogal presented the 2020 Beckly Lecture, PEACE, PANDEMICS AND PLASTIC BOTTLES – PRIORITISING THE FUTURE? at the 2020 Methodist Conference. Click here to download the text. or here to watch the video on YouTube.

He was awarded the 2018 World Methodist Peace Prize (see also the News item from the United Methodist Church, USA). Inderjit, now a supernumerary minister in the Sheffield circuit, has been a tireless supporter of refugees and has worked to foster interfaith relations and multicultural communities, peace and reconciliation. One of the peace-related movements initiated by Inderjit was City of Sanctuary, a grassroots, movement to build cultures of welcome, hospitality and safety for asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable people. Inderjit is president of the Methodist Peace Fellowship. An interview with Inderjit on Radio 4's 'Ramblings' was broadcast in 2020 (

The citation of the Peace Prize describes Inderjit as a “central figure” in inter-faith relations in Britain and Ireland. On hearing news of the award, Inderjit commented: “I am surprised but deeply honoured. My whole life has been inspired by people around the world who have held up the witness to peace-making, challenging war, violence and killing. I am more persuaded than ever that non-violent resolution of conflict is the way forward at all levels and in all human relationships.

The most challenging issue facing human beings is how to live with those who are different from you.”

This follows the award of the 2017 Wilson-Hinkes Peace Prize for his work in initiating the City of Sanctuary movement. That award is shared with Wycombe Refugee Partnership, a multicultural group of concerned people who seek to support refugee families when they are reunited in the UK.

We offer Dr Bhogal our warmest congratulations on these appointments and awards awards.

Dr Bhogal recently preached a 'Sermon for Peace Sunday' at Hinde Street Methodist Church. The full text can be downloaded here.

Talk, Truth and Trust … Rev Harold Good in conversation Brian Rowan - "Discretion and being trusted is at the core of Rev Harold Good’s contributions to the peace process in Northern Ireland as well as the Basque Country and Colombia. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have much to say, and a lot of wisdom from which we can learn." (Read on ......)

The Methodist Peace Fellowship (MPF) is an association of Methodist pacifists within the Fellowship of Reconciliation (England), part of the the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.

For more information, or to join MPF, please contact the Secretary, Bea Foster (Contact details on the final page of the Membership Leaflet, which can be downloaded here).


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